The Nyngan Show Society takes great pleasure in Showcasing our Town and District at the Nyngan Show.  This community event is a wonderful chance to catch up with what is happening in our area, schools, businesses, clubs and sporting clubs.  We would love to see more participants in all sections of our Show, but we do need continued support from the community, without it, services and community events begin to suffer, please give some  thought to becoming a Nyngan Show sponsor.


Our organisation is committed to providing and sourcing funding for improvement of the showground infrastructure and roads such as the shade shelters, four grandstands, an awning over the kiosk, full size animal figurines, buildings for administration of events and storage and the resealing of bitumen roads. 

If you are keen to see our annual Show continue on into future years please consider becoming a sponsor.

Contact the Show Secretary for all enquiries and application forms

Kathy Korn