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Due to unforeseen circumstances the Young Woman Competition Dinner at the RSL Club on Saturday 29th April has had to be cancelled. The actual competition will still proceed and the winners will be announced at the Opening Ceremony of the Show on Monday 15th May


Chief Steward: Rebecca George 0429708014

The Young Woman Competition, previously known as the Showgirl Competition,  gives opportunities for young women to become involved in their local communities as rural ambassadors.

To be held at the

Nyngan RSL Club Saturday 29th April 2023

Entries Close: Thursday 13th April 2023




The purpose of the competition is to identify ambassadors to promote the Nyngan Show, Sydney Royal Easter Show, and  the Agricultural Show movement across New South Wales.  The program is designed to develop regional young women, to benefit the individual, the local show society, and their communities.  Interview, presenting, and networking skills are all strengthened.  This can create new life opportunities for participants.

1. The Competition is open to those who are permanent residents of Australia.

2. Entrants must be women aged from 18 years to under 26 years as at 1 May in the year of the State Final.

3. Entrants must reside, be educated, or work within New South Wales for at least three months prior to their local Competition to qualify to compete within the State.






This is a fun event for girls who have not reached the age of the official Young Woman Competition, girls need to be aged 13 to 17 years before they can nominate.

Nomination Forms

can be obtained from the Chief Steward

or downloading them from our website

Great prizes to be won-total valued at over $2000

SG Jasmin Bourke 1 (2).jpg

Nyngan Teenage Showgirl 2021

Miss Jasmine Bourke

SG Whitney Pack (2).jpg

Nyngan Teenage Showgirl 

2021- Runner-Up

Miss Whitney Pack

Comments from previous Nyngan Showgirls

Sophie Menzies.PNG

2019 Showgirl - Miss Sophie Menzies

Representing my hometown as the Nyngan Showgirl for 2019 has been a once in a life-time experience for personal development and to honour my family’s involvement in the show society and local community. Attending the zone final in Dubbo opened my eyes to the incredible achievements of the young women in the competition. Although I will not be attending the state final, I feel inspired to take on new opportunities to support Australian agriculture, whether that be attending my local show or working as a vet to voice the interests of the agricultural industry. The beauty of the showgirl competition is exactly that; to be an ambassador for rural NSW and the agricultural show movement. I cannot recommend this experience enough to other young women in our community, don’t be afraid – take a leap.

2018 Showgirl - Miss Rebecca George

Being the Nyngan Showgirl for 2018 was a huge honour and privilege.  It has been a wonderful experience that has enabled me to become involved within our show society as well as the wider community.  The whole experience has been extremely rewarding, from meeting and watching other Showgirls across various communities develop and grow, to creating a kind of 'sisterhood' in which you are supported.  Representing Nyngan at the zone finals in Young was a challenging experience, and although I did not make it through to Sydney, watching new friends who are so passionate for Australian Agriculture made it equally rewarding.  This experience has taught and made me more aware of local, national and international issues, and created a drive for me to expand within agriculture in order to give back to community members who have always supported the Showgirl movement.  I would definitely recommend it to any women within the Nyngan district to enter the competition as it is an experience like no other.

2019 Cover Bec.jpg

2017 Showgirl - Miss Emily Pitt

Having only lived in Nyngan for a short period, winning the 2017 Nyngan Showgirl was an amazing opportunity. Everyone I have met has been so supportive and I’ve made some fantastic friends and connections in the local community. The Showgirl competition has also provided me with the opportunity to become involved in the Show Committee and various other local committees. I have a deep respect for my role and responsibility as Showgirl and was privileged to be able to attend the 2017 Nyngan Show as Showgirl. I was disappointed not to be able to represent Nyngan at the Zone final, however it is very exciting to see women I met at the Deportment weekend in Dubbo move on to the State Final. The Showgirl experience has strengthened my passion for agriculture and I am grateful to live and work in such a wonderful rural community like Nyngan. I plan to continue working to empower women in agriculture and support our local community to the best of my ability. I would encourage any young women in the area to step out of their comfort zones and enter the Showgirl Competition, you never know what opportunities may arise as a result.

2016 Showgirl – Miss Katie Hamblin

“Being Nyngan Showgirl for 2016 was a rewarding experience that has provided me many opportunities over the last twelve months.  Apart from being involved with my local Show Society and being able to represent Nyngan, I was afforded the opportunity to attend a Development weekend in Dubbo.  It was at this weekend that I got the chance to meet other like-minded women and form new friendships.  It was also great to be able to arrive at Zone already knowing a few people.  Throughout the whole showgirl experience, I have gained new skills, polished old ones and walked away with a better sense of who I am, as well as having a better knowledge of current issues both nationally and internationally with a focus on Agriculture. Entering the Showgirl competition is a great chance to try something new at the same time as doing something worthwhile where you can advocate for issues important to you.  I encourage any young women in the area to step up and have a go.  At the very least you will have a wonderful journey, make friends along the way and take the memories with you.”

2015 Showgirl – Miss Emily Ticehurst

 “Winning the 2015 Nyngan Showgirl Competition has been an incredible experience. Whilst combining my passion of agriculture and the growth of women in rural and remote professions. It has also provided me the opportunity to become involved with the local show committee and local community activities. The competition has empowered me to become more aware of local, state and federal current affairs. Whilst helping me improve professional skills, such as interviewing, public speaking and networking. Within the competition I have been lucky enough to share the experience with other showgirls across the state. I have formed life-long friendships with these fine women, women of whom will empower future generations of Australia. Zone was an exciting experience, however I sadly did not progress to state. I encourage any young women in the Nyngan district to enter the competition as it provides an opportunity unlike any other. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and wish the best of luck to future entrants.”

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